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CrossFit is defined as "constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity."

Wait, what?

First, a little history. CrossFit was developed over several decades by trainer Greg Glassman, who believed the definition of fitness at the time was incomplete. Back in the 1990s-early 2000s, the fittest people in the world were believed to be champions of the triathlon—athletes that could travel the farthest in the shortest amount of time. Not only did he believe the definition of fitness was broken, he also found a fault in the gyms he trained clients in. Glassman saw that everyone in the gym was using machines to perform exercises that only worked one muscle group, exercises that had no functions in real life.

Like any visionary, Glassman wanted to break the mold. He created CrossFit, a program based on the belief that fitness should be inclusive— including gymnastics, body weight movements and Olympic weightlifting. CrossFit is created to make you healthier, better at life. That's why the weightlifting movements we do activate numerous muscle groups, mimicking things you do in real life like squatting, lifting, pushing and pulling.

Back to our definition, starting with "constantly varied." CrossFit workouts (They're called WODs, as in workout of the day) change every day. Sometimes they are longer, sometimes shorter. Sometimes we program heavier weights, sometimes it's just body weight. Kind of like the demands of life. You never know what's coming.

Next, "functional movements," which we've covered already. Basically, CrossFit makes you better at the movements life requires.

Last, "Performed at a relatively high intensity." CrossFit workouts are measured. They're either timed or we count reps (number of movements completed). The exercises in a WOD are completed as fast as possible, helping you build a higher level of fitness, so you can watch yourself progress over time.

A note about safety. Some of the movements are complex, and every CrossFit workout will test you. That's why safety is always BRICK's (and every one of our coach's) first priority. Every WOD is scalable, so you'll always get a challenging workout, no matter your personal fitness level.


"In my first few months at BRICK, my body has undergone a huge transformation and I am doing things "

"I never imagined. Every day the workout is different and challenging."

"I've seen great results, and I only expect to get better…"

These are just some of the things our BRICK members have been saying about our award winning B|X program. Developed specifically for BRICK, B|X was created to give any one a workout that is both easy-to-start and incredibly challenging.

When BRICK was first opening, it became obvious that we needed a program that included CrossFit's strength-building movements, omitting the complex gymnastics and Olympic weight-lifting exercises. This course also needed to incorporate dynamic explosive movements as well as endurance training. Our trainers put their heads together to create a revolutionary program that combined all three of these disciplines. Today, that program is called B|X.

High-energy and high-intensity, B|X classes are held in a supportive group setting. Each class features a series of stations that highlight different movements, and just like CrossFit the sessions are always different. Point blank, B|X was designed to have you saying…

"I love it here at BRICK; I am the fittest I have ever been in my life."


If you're a new member, and you're ready to dive in to the big, amazing, world that is CrossFit.

Welcome! We hope that this methodology brings as much to your life as it has to ours.

And, if you're like most of us, you cannot wait to get started.

Before you begin CrossFit, you will need to build a foundation in The BRICK Academy. In this two week program, you will learn the basic staples that make up the CrossFit methodology—this includes Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and bodyweight movements. As you learn the movements, our coaches will ramp up the intensity.
In each class, you'll work on 2-3 of the core CrossFit movements as well as some of the quirky terminology around these movements. At the end of the class, you'll use these skills in a WOD (Workout of the Day).


It's no secret that Olympic Weightlifting plays a huge part in CrossFit.

The clean, the snatch and the jerk—these movements are like a golf swing or a football spiral: they are complex, challenging and as athletes, we can always do more to perfect them. That's where The BRICK Barbell Club comes in. In this 75 minute class, you'll learn the intricacies of these lifts. You'll get special attention to improve your technique and form while you gain both mobility and stability. And finally, you'll conquer your personal obstructions to lifting more and moving better—all of that will translate to serious gains.


Better conditioning, more speed, superior fitness. These are just some of the benefits you'll receive from BRICK
Endurance. This class combines distance running, sprinting and bodyweight movements into a challenging program that will truly test your endurance. Our coaches will assist participants with running form and technique, designed to make them faster and safer. BRICK Endurance is the perfect class for our members who want to test their fitness and raise their level of conditioning.


You've been doing CrossFit for a while. You know the movements and you're RXing every WOD.

And now, you're ready for the next challenge.
If we just described you, then consider our Performance. In this class, you'll be challenged. In return you'll see dramatic improvements in every area of your training, including gymnastics, Olympic lifting, strategy and metcons. This class will surround you with other athletes dedicated to bringing it and raising their level of fitness, while they help you to raise yours.
Are you ready?


At BRICK, our family of coaches have a rich body of knowledge—each coach has a deep understanding of
different aspects of fitness.That means our members can train and get better in any area of fitness. Our coaches also provide a range of services including:
  • Complete movement and strength assessment
  • Nutritional coaching
  • Goal setting
  • Video analysis
  • Email support & video chat

Our members choose private personal training for a variety of reasons. Some of them choose to come once, or for a specific number of sessions, and some come every day. Regardless of how many times you train, 1-on-1 sessions have their advantages.
  • Engage in workouts tailored specifically for you
  • Develop greater accountability
  • Build new skill sets
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Work within your schedule


Members are invited to train during non-class hours providing they follow a few simple rules.

1. Sign in at the front desk.
2. Have six months of CrossFit experience.
3. Give classes and personal training clients first pick of equipment and space—this includes using the free areas of the gym when a class is going on, and giving all classes priority on the pull-up rigs and any other equipment.
4. Respect others, and if you think you might be in the way of a class, please ask.
5. Most importantly, be safe. Save that 1RM for class when a coach is watching.


60 minute Vinyasa Flow yoga class that allows the athlete to move through restorative and energizing postures to reset, strengthen and lengthen muscles.

The class will address mobility and usage of breath in an approachable way to rejuvenate your weekly athletic programming. Each class will be paired with seated meditation and fun sequencing for the beginner yogi to the intermediate warrior!

Workshops available:

  • Restorative Yoga
  • Moving Meditation
  • Balance and FLY Yoga