The BRICK CrossFit curriculum focuses on constantly varied, functional movements performed at relative high intensity. Each coach led class is one hour long and consists of a warmup, strength or skill and a WOD. 3 months of recent CrossFit experience or BRICK Academy is required to participate in this class. BRICK Boston is home to BRICK Boston DTX.

If you're a new member and you're ready to dive in to the big, amazing world that is CrossFit. Welcome! We hope that this methodology brings as much to your life as it has to ours.

And, if you're like most of us, you cannot wait to get started.

Before you begin CrossFit, you will need to build a foundation in The BRICK Academy. This four class fundamentals program is designed to familiarize you with frequent CrossFit movements including: basic gymnastics, barbell movements and metabolic conditioning. This program will provide you with the baseline knowledge to begin CrossFit or B|FIT classes. Open to all experience levels and is a requirement for those looking to participate in CrossFit and/or B|FIT classes.

We ask that you bring one thing to The BRICK Academy, an open mind. You may have taken some CrossFit classes before or maybe you think you know some of these movements. Trust our coaches. This course is going to help you develop the skills you need and technique required to begin CrossFit the right way. Arrive 15 minutes prior to class and dressed in gym clothes, ready to push yourself.

BRICK's own spin on high-intensity "bootcamp" style training. This constantly varied class combines cardiovascular movements like running, rowing and biking with high-rep weight lifting movements utilizing dumbbells and kettlebells to deliver a unique, high energy experience. Open to all experience and fitness levels.

A 45 minute hybrid class designed to increase your strength with basic barbell and dumbbell movement like those found in CrossFit followed by a high intensity conditioning workout similar to B|X. No previous type of fitness experience is required to participate in this class.

Specializes in Olympic weightlifting movements (clean and jerk, snatch, etc.), and accessory work to assist in lifting technique and overall strength. Approval from head coach is required for class participation.

One hour Vinyasa-style class focusing on improving your mobility, flexibility & stability to support your workout.

At BRICK, our family of coaches have a rich body of knowledge - each coach has a deep understanding of different aspects of fitness. That means our members can train and get better in any area of fitness. Our coachesalso provide a range of services including:

Our members choose private personal training for a variety of reasons. Some of them choose to come once, or for a specific number of sessions, and some come every day. Regardless of how many times you train, 1-on-1 sessions have their advantages. Engage in workouts tailored specifically for you, develop greater accountability, build new skill sets, set and achieve goals, and work within your schedule.

Members are invited to train during non-class hours providing they follow a few simple rules:
1. Sign in at the front desk
2. Have six months of CrossFit experience
3. Give classes and personal training clients first pick of equipment and space - this includes using the free areas of the gym when a class is going on and giving all classes priority on the pull-up rigs and any other equipment
4. Respect others, and if you think you might be in the way of a class, please ask.
5. Coaches aren't present during open gym hours - please don't attempt movements that you're not already proficient in.
6. Most importantly, be safe. Save that 1RM for class when a coach is watching.

BRICK's approach to bodybuilding for those looking to gain strength, develop muscle and improve definition with isolated free weight movements in an hour long class setting.

Enhance muscle recovery and increase range of motion through deep stretching and mobility techniques utilizing bands, foam rollers, and lacrosse balls and other tools. This 45-minute class is perfect to do post workout or as a way to move around on your rest day.

This 45-minute class class is focused on helping our athletes develop and focus on the specific skills to help you advance your movement library. The coach will designate a specific skill or focus point (i.e. handstands, pistols, muscle ups, double unders) and will work with athletes to develop the progressions to achieving more complex skills.



The Post Office Square and Lafayette garages are very close by. There is also meter parking on nearby streets. We are conveniently located near South Station (red line and silver line), Downtown Crossing (red line and orange line), State Street (blue line), Park Street and Government Center (green line.)


Locker rooms are available with showers and complimentary products.


Towels are available at the front desk.


Complimentary WiFi is available throughout the gym.


Pro Shop, Protein Smoothie/Coffee bar, Meal Delivery and Laundry.




133 Federal St.
(Lower Level)
Boston, MA 02110

Phone: 617.426.0875


Phone: 617.426.0875


Monday - Thursday 5:15 am - 9:00 pm
Friday: 5:15 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm


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Posted By: Matt Tapply
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