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Rowing is one of the most effective cardio workouts because it uses every part of your body and engages muscles in your legs, core and shoulders. At BRICK Boston, we utilize rowing often in both our B|X and CrossFit classes. Knowing how to row using proper form will maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your workout. See Coach Erin's tips for proper rowing form below.

  1. Keep your feet flat on the platform at all times. If you do not have you feet flat on the platform you are not able to engage all of leg muscles and you will not have maximum leverage and power when rowing.
  2. After your pull, lead with your arms, then follow with your chest. Keep your arms outstretched. Your seat should stay back.
  3. Keep your seat away from your heels. This will help you keep your feet flat on the platform and your body in the proper position for your next pull.
Why is this so important? It's about being in the most powerful position to maximize your workout. Most people only understand rowing as going "fast" or "slow" but it's really about being efficient. You should be doing as few strokes as possible to reach the desired target (either calories or meters depending on the workout Rx). For example, consider one athlete rowing 40 strokes/min for 2 minutes to reach the target, and another rowing 20 strokes/min for 2 minutes to reach the same target. Not only is the second athlete more efficient and leveraging more power in their workout, they are retaining more energy for the next part of the workout.

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