“The best part of class was the motivation provided by the teachers and classmates. This isn't an “every man for himself" workout. Throughout each move and round people provided helpful tips, high-fived one another, and helped push each other towards breakthroughs. After a quick but intense hour we not only had a great workout, but also felt accomplished, and made some new friends along the way. It is true about what they say: Brick took our workout to a whole new level."
“On a day where the media seemed especially hell-bent on revealing the darker side of CrossFit, we did what any intrepid journalists would do: We went and tried a class ourselves. Only slightly intimidated by all the press, we arrived at Brick New York, which opened in Chelsea this August, ready to drown in our own sweat. We'd heard intense things about their boot camp meets CrossFit program: B|X, which originated at Brick's West Hollywood location. The trainers at Brick are all about efficiency, so you can count on them to utilize every. single. minute. And every single muscle. Trust us, you'll be feeling it the next day, but we're pretty sure you won't be meeting Uncle Rhabdo."
“The utterly massive Brick New York (sister gym to Los Angeles' Brick) joined New York City's CrossFit scene in August. And unlike most boxes, it doesn't exclusively offer CrossFit. B|X is basically “CrossFit lite"—a boot-camp style interval class that dumbs down CrossFit for the noncommittal. The good news is that you'll have lots of newbie company. Others people in our class were are also just getting their CrossFit feet wet or had never been at all, and it was the deepest sense of camaraderie we've felt in a class in a long time. We made a few friends off the bat; it's no wonder CrossFit is known for its matchmaking powers, too."
“The Best New Boutique Gyms in America: BRICK New York, New York City. Already a West Coast get-fit staple, the studio opened in Chelsea in August. Focusing on functional fitness, sports performance training, and CrossFit workouts, classes are capped at a 15:1 student-instructor ratio for the ultimate HIIT sweat sessions."
“Brick Goes Bi-Coastal. Already one of the West Coast's hottest gyms, Brick CrossFit is coming to NYC. The Chelsea location is slated to open mid to late summer and is the company's first expansion outside of West Hollywood. With celebrity clients including Bob Harper and “The New Girl" actor Max Greenfield, Brick brings a bit of showbiz flare to functional fitness. Whether that attitude translates into a CrossFit-obsessed New York market is one of the Northeast fitness community's biggest questions for the summer."
“New York's CrossFit scene is booming, and it's about to get even bigger—and more luxurious. Brick New York, set to open in Chelsea this July, is shaking up the no-frills CrossFit box model with 13,000 square feet of space, yoga classes on the schedule, and amenities like full-service showers and a sauna. Bare-bones power lifting this is not."
“This popular Los Angeles CrossFit gym [Brick New York] opened this month, and instructor Will Lanier is already whipping New Yorkers into shape with boot camp-style runs and outdoor workouts…This workout is hard — but the goal is for all participants to complete it. “Everyone can do it," says Lanier. “Everything is scalable. If you can't do plank push-ups, you'll do them on your knees until you can." Also different from boot camp, Brick will soon offer yoga classes (you'll never hear a drill sergeant chanting, “Ohhhm")."
“Brick New York opened earlier this month. It's a two-story, 13,000 square foot space dedicated to the CrossFit regimen and its mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics and weight lifting. Hour-long classes at the gym focus on workouts combining movements like rowing, weightlifting, jumping rope, sprinting and lifting weights that promise to get you into model shape in no time. If all that boot camp talk sounds intimidating, out trainer Will Lanier insists that the main thing that keeps people coming back to CrossFit is the sense of community that the workout classes create."
“Brick New York's clean, orange-and-black space is chock-full of amenities. Most of those gyms favor a bare bones approach, typically in industrial spaces packed full of dumbbells and pull-up bars, but without showers, leaving members dripping with sweat after an intense early-morning workout, without a way to get ready for work quickly. But Brick, which opened on West 17th Street in August, offers members towels, showers and even air conditioning — all rarities in the CrossFit world — letting exercisers get ready for work or a night out without having to make a stop at home. The high-class approach worked in Hollywood, the home of the original Brick. The luxe 13,000 square-foot Chelsea spot also has a smoothie bar, a turf field for running and more than 120 feet of top-of-the-line pull-up bars. Those amenities come at a price. The gym costs $250 a month for unlimited classes, though even that cost does not make it the most expensive CrossFit gym in the city. The price hasn't deterred people from joining. Brick has recruited 425 members since it opened in August."
“Brick, which opened on West 17th Street in August, offers members towels, showers and even air conditioning — all rarities in the CrossFit world — letting exercisers get ready for work or a night out without having to make a stop at home."
“Best Fancy Crossfit: Brick New York. CrossFit has become just as well known for its grueling tire-lifting regimens as it has for the bare-bones “boxes" where the workouts typically take place. Brick New York, which opened last summer in Chelsea, is decidedly un-garagelike in its ambience—a glossy 13,000 square feet spread over two floors, with amenities galore. That's not to say that Hulks-in-training won't find the hard-core intervals typical of a CrossFit curriculum (from $32 per class); it's just that, afterward, you can restore yourself with a trip to the locker-room sauna or a drink from the smoothie bar. Hourlong yoga classes to relieve throbbing muscles are offered, too."
“Poll: Which CrossFit Box Is New York City's Best? CrossFit has utterly exploded across the city, with over thirty "boxes" to choose from at this point. With so many options, do you still trek across town to your favorite CrossFit spot? Has a coach at one of these seven gyms changed your life? Let your voice be heard in the poll after the jump. WINNER: BRICK NEW YORK"
“If you're looking for a high-intensity workout that features a unique blend of fast-paced cardio and interval weight training, then look no further than the BX group fitness class at Brick New York (or Brick LA!). I've always loved a good boot camp-type workout, and BX offers just that but with a trendy twist: The 60-minute interval-training session also incorporates CrossFit-inspired movements, minus the heavy lifting."
The 20 best gyms and health clubs in New York City. Brick New York. CrossFitters have no shortage of "boxes" to choose from—so named because they're usually bare-bones warehouse spaces—but this Chelsea spot combines studio amenities (including showers) with the same killer workout. For those not quite ready for Olympic lifting, try the B/X class: a HIIT boot camp that uses kettlebells, medicine balls, rowing machines and other gear in heart-pumping circuits."
“You should never EVER neglect your lower body in your workout routine, which is why Will Lanier, General Manager and Head Coach at Brick New York created this simple 3-part workout that you can do during the next commercial break."
“Cutting your recovery time and pushing yourself during a workout are great steps toward having more stamina, but don't forget that your body still deserves some R&R."You want to train hard, but if you end up training hard every day, you might find that the intensity you put out gets lower and lower," says Erica Giovinazzo, registered dietitian and CrossFit coach at Brick New York. If you find your marathon gym sessions are adversely affecting your performance, take it easy for a day. "Rest, go for a light run, bike ride, swim or take a yoga class instead of going all out," suggests Giovinazzo."
“Want to get your rear in gear like Lea for bikini season? We can't blame you. We caught up with Heidi Jones, head coach at Brick New York for her 5 booty boosting moves to look even better in that swimsuit."
“7 Foods That Are Ruining Your Workouts. The poster child for a healthy meal, "a salad is healthy, but not the best choice before a workout," says Erica Giovinazzo, RD and a coach at Brick CrossFit in New York. “All those veggies are high in fiber, and fiber slows down digestion. This could lead to bloating and gas during your workout.""
“7 Benefits of CrossFit. I know, we mentioned this already, but it's worth repeating: One of the biggest benefits of CrossFit is how effective it is at burning a high number of calories in a short period of time, according to Heidi Jones, head coach at Brick New York. A typical workout lasts an average of 10 to 20 minutes, but your metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories) remains elevated long after the WOD is over, so you'll keep blasting fat even when you're resting, Jones says."
“As a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, I'm open to trying new training disciplines, so when extended the invitation to try CrossFit, I couldn't wait to blast through my first WOD. The session started with a skills session during which athletes fine-tuned their muscle-ups before moving into the 24-Minute WOD. “CrossFit covers all ten physical adaptations including cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength, stamina, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance," says Dell Polanco, head coach at Brick New York. “CrossFit workouts can be tailored in a way that no matter what the person's athletic or fitness background is, they'd still be able to execute it because it will be a safe workout." Whether you're a novice lifter or avid CrossFitter, this intense full-body workout will get you ripped fast."
“Have Your CrossFit-Practicing Friends Been Particularly Crazy Recently? "The CrossFit Open -- or just 'The Open' as it's come to be known -- is the first step to finding 'the fittest on Earth,' although the majority of CrossFitters treat it as a fun way to see where they stack against their peers," says Amy Kwidzinski, coach at Brick New York."
“Tight muscles aside, great hip mobility is beneficial when it comes to allowing your body to have the full range of motion it should. "If our hips aren't able to flex and move in the way our bodies intend them to, they don't become as useful as they should be, which means a lot of the load will fall onto your lower back," says Heidi Jones, head coach at BRICK NEW YORK. "This creates problems over time." And your hips are 100 percent designed to generate a ton of power. So go ahead girl, GET YOUR STRETCH on!"
“The 17 Best CrossFit Boxes in the U.S. BRICK NEW YORK. While New York City can sometimes feel crowded, this two-floor, 13,000 square-foot box wards off that feeling. Brick has three studios, a locker room, pro shop, lounge, and sauna. On top of just CrossFit, the gym offers other classes too, like yoga, bootcamp, mobility training, and Olympic weightlifting. The box, owners, and coaches pride themselves on elite training and being a judgment-free zone. “Respect is the simplest word," says owner Jarett Perelmutter. "There is a high level of respect for everyone on all sides of the coin at Brick.""
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